Security Consulting

We understand that ensuring operational business continuity is your company’s top priority, along with protecting your personnel, your facilities, and your assets. With this in mind, our specialized consulting service enables us to design and implement a personalized security plan tailored to your specific needs.

By performing a thorough diagnostic assessment and risk analysis, we are able to get a clear picture of both the immediate corrective actions and long-term strategic actions required. The vast consulting and leadership experience we have acquired over our years of professional training are guarantee of our ability to provide the support your company needs.
Security Audits
Geographic Risk Analysis
Penetration/Intrusion Testing
Security System Design
Consultation and Analysis
Corporate Program Development

Crisis Management

Given the many natural and manmade threats that can affect the operational continuity of your business, it is essential to be prepared and in order to be so, you need to know what the specific factors are that could potentially trigger a particular event that could have catastrophic consequences for your business.

Our firm brings years of experience in the development of corporate crisis management plans and training in their implementation, as well as in providing rapid response to criminal acts (such as kidnapping, extortion, threats, harassment, and so on) and other unanticipated crises.
Corporate Crisis Management Plans
Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
Emergency Management Plans
Training and Drills
Specialist advice on dealing with kidnappings, extortion, and threats
Rapid Response Team
Reputation management and Strategic communications

Risk Management

We are able to examine all of the areas of risk—whether due to external or internal factors—to which your company is exposed and which could negatively impact the operation or reputation of your business.

Risks of Criminal or Natural Origin

How capable is your company of withstanding a major incident and dealing with its aftermath? Floods, hurricanes, fires, disease, holdups, and kidnappings are just a few examples of the types of challenges that could test your organization’s capacity to cope with such events.

Physical and Operational Risks

What are the factors that could disrupt the operational continuity of your business? Negligence, sabotage, problems with trade unions, and disruption of the supply chain are just some of the inherent challenges faced by your company every day.

Geographical Risks

How safe is your company from local threats in your area that you may well not even be aware of? Examples of this type of risk include the expansion of criminal organizations, the impossibility of delivering finished product or receiving raw materials, and damage to the goodwill of your business.
Geographical Risk Analysis
Criminal Intelligence Reports
Risk Management Programs
Intensive Instruction and/or Training Programs
Training for Travelers or Expats

Our motivation

Participate in the generation of a secure business environment in our country, ability to provide strategic security responses and protection from the current situation.

Corporate Investigations

Our extensive experience as private investigators allows us to offer diverse solutions aimed at providing your company with the timely and reliable information needed for successful decision-making. Whether it be cargo robberies en route, loss of raw materials, finished product going missing, employee theft or illicit moneymaking, we offer the experience and expertise we have acquired from the hundreds of cases we have investigated.
Directed Interviews
Crime Reconstruction
Undercover Operations
Polygraph (Lie Detector) Tests
Background Checks (background vetting and employment history checks)
Investigations into the Theft of Goods in Transit
Missing Inventory
Theft of Assets

Instruction and Training

We provide a wide variety of courses specifically designed to meet the current needs of you and your company in terms addressing the diversity of threats to which you could potentially be exposed. We provide a safe teaching environment, in which theory is put into practice. Those who have taken our courses and workshops have praised the impact these have had on their professional development and personal security.
Personal Protection and Security Awareness Course
Corporate Crisis Management
Kidnap Response Management
Dealing with Hostile Communications (Extortion, Scams, and Threats)
Security Induction Course for Expats
Crisis Communication Course
Security Course for Executive Assistants and Secretaries
Active-Shooter Workshop
Security Supervisors Course
Web and Social Media Security Course for Teenagers
Executive Protection Course (for drivers and security escorts)
De-Escalation Course (How to Deal with Hostile Customers and Service Users)
Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.)
We can also design and develop tailor-made courses to suit the specific needs of your company

Corporate Protection

Our years of experience in this field enable us to provide the necessary security solutions to ensure the protection of CEOs, company directors, and other leaders of your organization, as well as artists and celebrities. We also provide services to executives on business trips, whether it be to a big city, a small town or any particularly high-risk location.

We design security strategies and plans to reduce risk and enable the individual concerned to maintain a low profile. We believe that the best security strategy is one based on factors such as adequate advanced preparation, up-to-date information, liaison with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals, bilingual agents with many years’ experience who are able to offer reassurance, discretion, and professionalism.
Executive Travel Security
Audits of Existing Systems and Equipment
Instruction and Training
Executive Security

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