No matter what your organization does, how big or small it is or where it is located, at some point in its corporate life it will face a crisis. The difference will lie in the way it is managed, that will be, ultimately, the decisive factor in terms of the resulting damage, its recovery time, the economic losses and even its survival. Companies are prone to a wide variety of threats that can materialize from different angles. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a team prepared to anticipate and prevent negative scenarios, as well as to protect and preserve the operational continuity of the business and the impact on its reputation while the threat continues to unfold. How to identify existing vulnerabilities and risks? What is the most effective way to handle a crisis? How can future crises be avoided? With a 360° holistic approach, a mix of experience and academia, by one of the most recognized security and crisis experts in Mexico, you will find the answers to these questions and many more.

The author will guide you through a crisis management framework consisting of seven phases:

Self protection (communication)
Advertising (social networks)
Exploring a wide range of case studies demonstrating real-world crisis events, their successes and failures, this book is ideal for business leaders, managers, and directors alike interested in learning more about crisis planning and preparedness, as well as than for students in strategic or crisis management courses looking to expand their skills or broaden their knowledge base.
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